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PureStem® Nomenclature

PureStem Nomenclature


Standardized progenitor nomenclature overview by ESI BIO

PureStem® progenitors are named by embryologist and cell biologists based on fate mapping the progenitors’ undifferentiated and differentiated gene expression using annotated genetic expression interpretations found on LifeMap® Discovery and classic embryology terminology.


Germ Layer

Cell type or tissue/organ

Meso (Mesoderm)

cor (chordamesoderm: notochord); prx (paraxial or somatic mesoderm: head; somites; skeletal muscle; cartilage & IVD; dermis; tendons; endothelial cells); int (Intermediate: kidney; gonads); latp (Lateral Plate: circulatory system; body cavity; extra-embryonic tissues; Adipose; limb bones and cartilage)

Ecto (Ectoderm) srf (surface ectoderm: epidermis; hair; nails; subacceous glands; olfactory epithelium; mouth (anterior pituitary, tooth enamel, cheek epithelium); lens, cornea)
NCr (Neural Crest) pns (peripheral nervous system); end (endocrine and paraendocrine); pig (pigment Cells); fac (facial cartilage and bone); con (connective tissue and stroma: corneal endothelium and stroma; tooth papille; dermis, smooth muscle, adipose tissue of skin head and neck; connective tissue of salivary, lachrymal, thymus, thyroid, and pituitary glands; connective tissue of smooth muscle in arteries of aortic arch origin)
Endo (Endoderm) pnc (pancreas); prs (prostate); git (GI tract); lvr (liver); thy (thyroid)