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  • ESI-053 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line

    SKU: ES-704
    Research grade hESC line derived from cGMP compliant banks grown in feeder-free culture conditions. Learn More

  • PureStem® Osteogenesis Differentiation Kit 01

    SKU: EM-2003
    Optimal differentiation kit for: PureStem SK11, NCr-fac & Meso-prx Progenitor and PureStem SM30, NCr-fac & Meso-latp Progenitor. Learn More

  • TRA-1-81 anti-Human Antibody, 100 µL

    SKU: ST11017
    The TRA-1-81 Antibody reacts with a pluripotent-stem-cell-specific antigen expressed upon the surface of human embryonal carcinoma, embryonic germ, embryonic stem, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Learn More

  • HyStem® Hydrogel UV QuickSet Kit

    SKU: Multiple SKUS - View Products Options
    The HyStem® Hydrogel UV QuickSet Kit supports 3D cell culture for use in tissue engineering and small scale bioprinting applications. Learn More

    Starting at: $85.00

  • LIF, Mouse Recombinant, 10 µg

    SKU: ST12007
    Promotes long-term maintenance of ESCs by suppressing spontaneous differentiation Learn More

  • Vitronectin

    SKU: 5051
    Vitronectin is used to promote cell attachment, spreading, proliferation, and differentiation of many normal and neoplastic cells, and to study cell migration. Learn More

  • PureStem® 4D20.8, NCr-fac Progenitor

    SKU: ES-84
    Expresses markers specific to mesenchymal cells derived from neural crest and lateral plate mesoderm. Demonstrated in vitro chondrogenic and osteogenic differentiation Demonstrate in vivo cartilage repair in a rat model. Learn More

  • PureStem® ES-335 Meso-latp Progenitor

    SKU: ES-335
    PureStem® ES-335, Meso-latp Progenitor expresses vascular endothelium cell surface markers (VWF, TEK, PECAM1, CD34, CDH5, KDR) as well as early endothelial markers (TAL1, ETV2, GATA2). Learn More

  • Progenitor Growth Media, EPM k05

    SKU: EM-1005
    Optimal medium for the growth and maintenance of PureStem® progenitor: SK11, NCr-fac & Meso-prx. Learn More

  • Gelin-S® Thiol-modified Gelatin

    SKU: Multiple SKUS - View Products Options
    Gelin-S® is thiol-modified gelatin (denatured collagen) and is a component of the HyStem®-C, and HyStem-HP hydrogel kits. Learn More

    Starting at: $30.00

Items 11 to 20 of 86 total

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