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  • PureStem® ES-335 Meso-latp Progenitor

    SKU: ES-335
    PureStem® ES-335, Meso-latp Progenitor expresses vascular endothelium cell surface markers (VWF, TEK, PECAM1, CD34, CDH5, KDR) as well as early endothelial markers (TAL1, ETV2, GATA2). Learn More

  • Progenitor Growth Media, EPM k06

    SKU: EM-1006
    Optimal medium for the growth and maintenance of progenitors: SM30, NCr-fac & Meso-latp, 7SMOO32, NCr-fac & Meso, Z11, Meso, ES-263, SM22, and ES-154. Learn More

  • PD173074, 2 mg

    SKU: ST10034
    FGFR1 inhibitor Learn More

  • Nestin anti-Human Antibody, 100 μL

    SKU: ST11023
    Nestin is a class VI intermediate filament protein expressed in stem cells. Learn More

  • HyStem® Hydrogels

    SKU: Multiple SKUS - View Products Options
    HyStem® Hydrogels - The blank-slate matrix. Completely customizable and xeno-free. Components include Thiol-modified hyaluronan (Gycosil®), Thiol-reactive PEGDA crosslinker (Extralink®), and degassed, deionized water (DG Water). Learn More

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  • PureStem® Chondrogenesis Differentiation Kit

    SKU: EM-2001
    PureStem® Chondrogenesis Differentiation Kit consists of optimized chondrocyte Basal Medium, supplements and distinct growth factors. Learn More

  • TRA-1-60 anti-Human Antibody, 100 µL

    SKU: ST11016
    The TRA-1-60 Antibody recognizes a protein expressed upon the surface of undifferentiated human embryonal carcinoma, embryonic germ, embryonic stem, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Learn More

  • DAPT, 5 mg

    SKU: ST10033
    Notch pathway inhibitor through γ-secretase inhibition Learn More

  • Nutragen® Bovine Collagen

    SKU: 5010-D
    Nutragen® collagen is ideal for coating of surfaces, providing preparation of thin layers for culturing cells, or use as a solid gel. Learn More

  • PureStem® SK11, NCr-fac Progenitor

    SKU: ES-250
    PureStem® SK11, NCr-fac Progenitor expresses chondrogenic (COL1A1, VCAN, SOX9, COL6A1) and osteogenic (RUNX2, ALPL, SPP1) markers. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 75 total

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